Marriage Ceremony Services Guidelines

Once a marriage license is issued, a marriage ceremony must be performed within 90 calendar days from the day of purchase of the license. The couple is to present the original marriage license to the person who will be solemnizing the marriage (see Authorized Persons to Perform Marriage Ceremonies).

  • public marriage requires four people.
    • Two unmarried persons
    • Person solemnizing the marriage
    • One witness
  • confidential marriage requires three people.
    • Two unmarried persons
    • Person solemnizing the marriage

After the ceremony, the person solemnizing the marriage is to complete the officiant’s portions of the marriage license in permanent black ink and obtain complete address and signature(s) of witness(es) (if applicable).

  • Enter the date, city, and county of the marriage
  • Printed name of officiant, signature, title, and religious denomination, if clergy member
  • Complete address(es), printed name(s) and signature(s) of witness(es)
  • Solemnizer is to return the completed original marriage license to the Recorder-County Clerk in the county in which the license was issued within ten days of the marriage ceremony.

Civil marriage ceremonies are also performed in our offices by Deputy Commissioners of Civil Marriage. Currently, marriage ceremony services are provided at the time of issuing of a marriage license, by appointment only.

Marriage Ceremonies Performed in County Clerk Office

Our marriage ceremony rooms remain closed. Parties wishing to have their ceremony performed in our office will be married at service window and be allowed a total of 4 guests.

Marriage Services by Video Conference:

On 4/30/2020, Governor Newsom issued an executive order permitting the County Clerk, at their discretion, to issue marriage licenses and perform marriage ceremonies using video conference (EXECUTIVE ORDER N-58-20).

We are pleased to announce that the Recorder-County Clerk is now offering San Bernardino County residents the option to apply for a marriage license and have their ceremony performed by our office via Video Conference. We are now accepting appointments.

Couples who are interested in Marriage Services by Video Conference must meet the following criteria:

  • Video Conference is only available to those couples seeking to get a marriage license and have their ceremony
  • One of the parties must be a San Bernardino County Resident.
  • Couple must be physically in the state of California during the session.
  • Couple must be in the same room during the License Issuance and Ceremony.
  • Couple must be able to connect with both video and audio functionality via Zoom.
  • Couple and Witness must have the ability to access their email accounts during the session.
  • Witness must be available to sign the license and join the ceremony via video conference.
  • Guests will be permitted to join the video conference after all paperwork is completed and received by County (approximately 10-20 minutes after scheduled appointment).