Fictitious Business Names

The County Clerk is responsible for determining the acceptability, not the legal sufficiency of documents presented for filing. Questions regarding the legal sufficiency of any document should be referred to an attorney.

A fictitious business name shall be filed within 40 days of first transacting business. Once registered, it is effective for 5 years. The fictitious business name will need to be re-registered prior to the date of expiration, or if there are changes to the filed statement; except the change of a residence address.

Once the FBN has been filed, the application MUST be published in an adjudicated newspaper one day per week for four (4) consecutive weeks. Publication must start within 45 days of filing the statement with the County Clerk’s office.

Publishers: Click here to view our Proof of Publication Quick Reference sheet.

Check the Fictitious Business Name index to determine if the selected name is a business name that is the same or is similar to one already on file. Please contact us at (855) REC-CLRK or (855) 732-2575 if you have questions.

Complete Business and Professions Code

How to obtain this service…

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FBN Filing: $55

Additional FBN or registrant name: $5

Abandonment of FBN: $55

Statement of Withdrawal from Partnership: $55

Complete Fee Schedule

Legal Advice Limitation

The office of the Assessor-Recorder-Clerk is prohibited from giving legal advice.


Fictitious Business Name Info

You will need to contact the Franchise Tax Board.

Resale license is obtained through the State Board of Equalization located in the City of Riverside.

The following types of businesses are required to have a County business license issued by the Clerk of the Board’s office in order to operate in an unincorporated area:

  • Peddler
  • Solicitor
  • Private Patrol
  • Taxicab Service

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No, business license/permit is obtained through City Hall where the business is located.

A search for a business name can be done through our website.

No, changes can not be made to the filing including business address, owner’s address or to add an additional owner(s) name(s) changes. These changes are considered a new filing and the same requirements for publishing apply.

Your filing will expire 30 days from the date you filed and you will have to file again, and pay the fee/s.

Yes, as long as you bring in a complete application signed (original signature) by the owner/s.

An FBN statement can be filed online, in-person or by mailing a completed application with payment.

All city names must be spelled out on the Fictitious Business Name Statement.

A post office box does not satisfy the requirement of “street address” or “residence address.”

In the case of a business owned by an individual, a “fictitious business name” is any name that does not include the last name (surname) of the owner, or which implies additional owners (such as “Company,” “and Company,” “and Sons,” “Associates,” etc.)


  • “Joyce Smith Catering” is not a Fictitious Business Name.
  • “Smith and Company Catering” is a Fictitious Business Name.

In the case of a corporation, limited liability company or limited partnership, a fictitious business name is any name other than the exact name that is on record with the Secretary of the State’s Office.

California law requires that FBN’s are filed at the County level; there is no State-wide registry or national registry.


FBN Forms updating on January 1, 2024.

Please note all FBN forms will be updated on January 1, 2024. All forms submitted there on after must be on the updated form.