Authentication Types:

Notary Signature Authentication:

A notary authentication verifies that the notary’s bond was registered in San Bernardino County, was duly commissioned by the State of California and was active at the time of notarization. It does not validate the information within the document.

  • All seals and signatures must be original.
  • The seal must clearly show the name of the notary, commission number and date of expiration.

Please note:

  • We do not have a notary public on staff to notarize documents.
  • We do not authenticate notary signatures from other counties.

County Medical Officer Signature Authentication:

A County Medical Officer Signature authentication verifies the signature of the medical official within San Bernardino County on your document that was issued by the San Bernardino County Public Health department.

How to obtain this service…

*Appointments are strongly encouraged and prioritized.

Oaths, acknowledgments and signature authentication fee:

$20.00 per name

*Processing fee of 2.95% or $2.00 (whichever is greater), will be added to each transaction.

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