Tax Savings

Under Proposition 13, base year values may not be increased more than 2 percent per year. A property under Proposition 8, however, is not restricted to the 2 percent increase. For example, in a situation where a property’s market value increased 20% since the prior lien date, but the value is still below the Proposition 13 adjusted base year value, the new increased Proposition 8 value will be enrolled.

From time to time, the market value of a property on January 1 may have fallen below the Prop 13 adjusted base year value. In this situation the Assessor has the authority to reduce the assessed value to the current market value as of January 1. This is sometimes referred to as a “Proposition 8” assessment, after the November 1978 proposition that amended Article XIII A to allow these reductions in value.


Yes. If the loss was over $10,000, and if the Assessor has been informed of the damage, this will be taken into consideration. Other calamity damage is also taken into consideration. Please contact the Assessor if your property has experienced fire damage.

No. Contact the exemptions section at the Assessor’s office at (909) 387-8307 or toll free at (877) 885-7654 and request the appropriate forms.

A homeowner’s exemption is a benefit to homeowners who occupy the property as their principal residence as of January 1st of any given year. The exemption reduces the taxable value by $7,000; therefore, saving approximately $70 on the tax bill. The homeowner’s exemption form is due by February 15th or the 30th day following the date of the notice of supplemental assessment.