SAN BERNARDINO, CA (February 15, 2022) – The San Bernardino County Clerk witnessed one of its busiest days of the year for marriage ceremonies: Valentine’s Day.

In 2021, the County Clerk performed 4,197 ceremonies, averaging out to 16 marriage ceremonies performed per workday. On Valentine’s Day this year, 42 couples were married by the County Clerk.

“Valentine’s Day is a very busy day for county clerks throughout the state of California,” said Bob Dutton, San Bernardino County’s Assessor-Recorder-Clerk. “This year, the San Bernardino County Clerk expanded marriage services to take place outdoors, taking advantage of Southern California’s beautiful sunny weather and adhering to local public health guidelines to keep both staff and the public safe.”

This year, marriage services for Valentine’s Day were performed outdoors to allow staff and the public with ample space, allowing for friends and family of couples to also attend. County Clerk staff decorated the west end parking lot of the Hall of Records main office with various Valentine’s Day photo backdrops. The ARC Mobile Unit was also utilized to process marriage license and marriage ceremony requests outdoors.

To learn more about the San Bernardino County Clerk’s marriage services, including hours, times, and appointment information, please visit: Marriage License & Ceremony

Customers wait in line at the ARC Mobile Unit to process marriage service requests at the Hall of Records Outdoor Valentine’s Day Event.
Barbar and Jessica get married on Valentines’ Day at the San Bernardino County Clerk’s office.
Martha Quintero (left) from ARC’s County Clerk unit performs a marriage ceremony for Christian and Patricia (right) on Valentine’s Day 2022.
Manuel and Maria are joined with family for their marriage ceremony performed by ARC staff on Valentine’s Day